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"There’s a certain slant of light…
When it comes, the Landscape listens—
Shadows — hold their breath.” ~Excerpt from Emily Dickinson’s “There’s a certain Slant of Light”

Photo: Spencer Finch’s “A Certain Slant of Light” at @morganlibrary. #poems #light #landscape #inspiration (at The Morgan Library & Museum)

Dear New York, I hope you’re doing well, I know a lot’s happened and you’ve been through hell …

Dear New York, this is a love letter, to you and how you brought us together…

Dear New York I know a lot has changed, 2 towers down but you’re still in the game.

From the battery to the top of Manhattan,
New York, you make it happen.
#beastieboys #nyc #iloveny #september11 #neverforget (at Chrysler Building)

"Love is an abstract noun, something nebulous. And yet love turns out to be the only part of us that is solid, as the world turns upside down and the screen goes black. We can’t tell if it will survive us. But we can be sure it is the last thing to go." -Martin Amis, The Second Plane: 14 Responses to September 11

Installation view of George Segal and Roger Hiorns in “September 11” at @momaps1. #september11 #neverforget (at Ground Zero / Zona Cero. New York)

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